Dental Accountants

Sectors we specialise in

No one will understand the business needs of a dentist more than a dentist with a team of Accountants. Our team includes a practicing dentist, who gives us the insight into the industry. This allows us to incorporate the specific industry needs into the accountancy and tax work we do.

Melon Dental Accountants have the necessary expertise and in-depth sector knowledge to assist you with financial reporting and tax planning. Our dental clients include Associate Dentists, Principals, partnerships, mini corporate, self employed hygienists/therapists and locum nurses.

We have vast experience in preparing accounts for Dental Practices, but that is not all. Our service does not just stop at keeping you compliant. We also provide;

  • Business and Tax advice
  • Superannuation and pension schemes advice
  • Partnership arrangements such as income sharing or joint ownership of premise
  • If you’re setting up a practice for the first time, we can advise you on business planning, funding, and succession planning.
  • Dentists are closely scrutinised by regulatory bodies, we can give you advice on CQC compliance, polices and procedures.

While we are based in Southwest London, we work with dental professionals across the country. We always keep in regular contact with all our clients. Whether it is by face-to-face visits, video conference, phone conversations, email or post – Distance has never been an issue!